Official Promo The 48 Hour Film Project Leeuwarden 2017 - 2018
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This promo is part of the marketing campaign for the 48 Hour Film Project Leeuwarden 2017. This campaign was meant to address the need of "getting the right mix of the required elements". This mixing was translated into a flairbartender theme. Concept: Bart Dokter Director: Bart Dokter D.O.P. Johan Dijkstra Gaffer: Roel Ypma Editor: Jurian Gerard Production Company: Non Rewind Flairbartender: Kasim Kiseli The flairbartender theme is implemented throughout the whole 2017 edition f.i. the awardshow at Noordelijk Film Festival was a flairbartendershow: for each award, there were 3 nominees. They were called upon the stage and were each seated under a spotlight in the colours red, green or blue. Then the flairbartender gave a little show and the color of the drink he made indicated the winner. This concept was awarded from all 48 Hour Film Projects worldwide (120 cities) with the Innovation Award. Also the promo is used as the official international promo for every 48 Hour Film Project in 2018!

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