Official Promo The 48 Hour Film Project Leeuwarden 2015 - 2016
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This promo is part of the marketing campaign for the 48 Hour Film Project Leeuwarden 2015. This campaign was meant to address the "fight against time". This fight was translated into a boxing theme. Concept: Bart Dokter Script: Bart Dokter Director: Bart Dokter D.O.P. Eli van Cleef Editor: Jurian Gerard Production Company: Non Rewind Cast: Hugo Metsers, Raymond Thiry, Eric Bouwman, Ingrid Leystra The boxing theme is implemented throughout the whole 2015 edition f.i. the awardshow at Noordelijk Film Festival was hosted in a boxing ring by the same guy who played the announcer in the promo. The foxy ring girl from the promo was also there to show the audience wich awards were given and the actor who played the referee in the promo was actually in the jury.

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